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Google, SEO, Page Ranking and You!

Posted by wholeenchilada on October 29, 2007

I liked this post from Paul Hirsch: Google goes WHAM with the right hand! It provides some good info on the October Google Page Ranking hoopla from the perspective of a regular blogger.

So, how much was your site affected by the shift? Does your company rely on backlinks from directories, blogs and participatory sites? Did your SEO company sell you on a purchased backlink scheme? I’ll bet it worked for a while, and I’ll bet that strategy is going fail a little more every day.

For what it’s worth, my own Web properties either stayed the same or went up. My personal site was the only when to go down, from PR5 to PR4, but I was getting organic backlinks (people attributing stuff to me within their site content) from a few sources that had sold/exchanged an abnormally large number of links. They went down a few points, which will naturally trickle down to other sites like mine.

Read more here:

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