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Hannah Montana meets Seattle

Posted by wholeenchilada on October 31, 2007

Hannah Montana is everywhere these days, and so is real-life Miley Cyrus who plays her on the hit Disney show. There was a write up on Tuesday about the recent concert in Seattle that had all the local youngin’s lining up to sing along:

Little girls in pink took over Seattle Center Monday night.

Still holding parents’ hands, they made their way to watch the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana at KeyArena, stalling traffic along the way. And as they pumped their pint-size fists, the sheer volume of their screams was deafening.

It was the show of the season, where tickets sold out in minutes thanks to scalpers (prices rose to more than a hundred times their value), and adding to the luxury of the night, limos pulled up after the show.

Whether the concert was worth the thousands some parents may have paid is hard to say. It was sugary pop at its best — the kind of music one ends up humming to whether they like it or not. Miley Cyrus (who plays Hannah Montana on her hit Disney show) sang flat during her encore, but her audience didn’t care.

Read more here:

A bit harsh for a 14 year old pop star but I’m betting Montann’s loyal fans don’t give a hoot!


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