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Interesting: PayPerPost to Change Name to IZEA

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 1, 2007

I just saw an interesting  post over at ProBlogger: PayPerPost Inc Changes It’s Name to IZEA. It appears that nothing much will change on the PPP side, here’s a clip with some details:

IZEA will be the parent company for the different services that PPP has been operating including,,,,, and

PayPerPost will continue to run as a service – it’s really just a launch of the parent company – probably a good move as PPP has a fairly fragmented brand among bloggers – some loving it and some hating it.

Read more here:

I’m so new to the PayPerPost community that my blog hasn’t even been approved yet. I figure I spend enough time on the internet I might as well try to make a little honest money writing reviews for things that interest me. It was good to read that the PPP service won’t be interrupted but we won’t know how things will really work until the new IZEA website is up and more details are released.


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