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The ripple of Google’s Open Social continues

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 3, 2007

Some interesting info from JayFresh on the continuing ripple of Google’s Open Social and the effect on Facebook:

“The thing about Facebook, for all its yummy and addictive gloriousness, is that it’s been around a while. This is worrying. Friendster, MySpace have both experienced a huge and short-lived boom period, followed by customers migrating to the next, best and shiny thing. Given that Bebo has been the #1 social network in the UK for some time now, and with the recent news that they, along with several others, are joining the Google-led “Open Social” platform, the time has come for Facebookers to get worried.

What am I talking about? The problem is Facebook’s infamous “walled garden” approach to storing its customers’ data. It’s very easy to get your information into Facebook, but it’s pretty tricky to get it out. Some people have built screen-scrapers that are exposing a chink in Facebook’s armour, but using these violates the Terms & Conditions of Facebook, so you can be banned – it’s explicit that Facebook doesn’t want you to leave. When you do want to, you have to start again from scratch, building your network and your identity within it…”

Read more:

The rest of the post is equally interesting, digging into details and research on social networks and shedding some light on the true benefits of a “decentralized social network”.


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