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OpenSocial, Google and Red Tape

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 6, 2007

Some interesting info from last week on the OpenSocial Hoo-ha. I still found it worthy and thought I’d share: OpenSocial opens new can of worms

“But as the OpenSocial overseer, working through partnerships rather than its usual strategy of acquisitions, Google might not have quite as much power as it’s used to. “Partnerships can certainly be very efficient,” said RedMonk analyst Stephen O’Grady, who specializes in open-source technology. “They can also be very challenging. You’re trying to get a bunch of different firms with competing interests to try to go along. Coalitions of this sort can be problematic over time.”

It could also mean some rather un-Googly red tape. The individual social-networking sites are responsible for getting their own arms of the project up and running, and exactly when that will happen is by no means clear. Friendster users, for example, won’t see any OpenSocial widgets until at least the beginning of December, and LinkedIn representatives told CNET that while developer activity will begin soon, the full presence of the new platform won’t be felt until early 2008.

Additionally, some of the OpenSocial participants have not abandoned their existing in-house platform strategies. “We have our own developer program,” Friendster Vice President of Marketing David Jones said. “(Developers) will be able to use either Friendster’s platform or OpenSocial…We already have hundreds signed up for the Friendster developer program.” Jones added that Friendster’s own platform will launch on November 30, before its OpenSocial integration does.

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