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New to blogging? 5 Key Components Every Blog Needs

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 7, 2007

Make Money Online has some great tips for new bloggers or folks with existing blogs looking to build more traffic and develop a larger audience. Here’s a quick list from the post 5 Essential Blog Elements Which Every Blog Should Have:

1. ABOUT PAGE – Readers usually like to know who is behind the posts. Write about yourself and your interests and tell them why are your post the ones they should read. Also, it’s highly recommended that you put your picture on your about page – readers also like to see who is behind the posts – chose a picture with a smile on your face 😉 – You can expect my picture soon 🙂

2. CONTACT PAGE – Just remember how many times you contacted someone with your questions and queries. As a blogger, you have to make time for your readers. Having a contact page makes it easier for your readers to get in touch with you.

3. SUBSCRIBE BUTTON – Allow your readers to grab your site’s feed. Place the button on the top of your page so it’s easy accessible. You can also encourage your readers to subscribe to your feed at the beginning or the end of each post (or in the post 😉 – subscribe to MMWK)

4. CATEGORIES (LABELS) – Makes the blogging experience on your blog a whole lot easier and comfortable. Categories make it easier for readers to browse through your blog.

5. SEARCH BOX – Always have a search box on your blog. When a reader wants to find something on your blog, the search box takes him there in no time.

Read more here:

To seasoned bloggers these tips may seem mundane but, after reading the comments following the post, it’s pretty clear a lot of folks are looking for help in developing a quality blog. Stay tuned for more great blogging tips – I have a posts saved over at bloglines with solid info.

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2 Responses to “New to blogging? 5 Key Components Every Blog Needs”

  1. Niyaz PK said

    Good tips…

  2. Thanks – I know a lot of folks are looking for tips to improve their blogs and hope to help share some of the better resources out there 🙂

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