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Facebook and Social Advertising

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 7, 2007

More on the Facebook front. I know, I know – we’re all sick of hearing/reading about FB, but at least this isn’t an article about Open Social! Here’s an article from TechCrunch  about Facebooks new “social advertising” plan: The Facebook Ad Backlash Begins

Within hours of Facebook’s announcement of its social advertising plans, the backlash began. What about privacy? What about relevance? (I know everyone is sick of hearing about Facebook, but there are some important business issues at stake here, so bear with me). As far as privacy goes, there is none on Facebook, in that any information you share is fair game for targeting by advertisers. So get used to it. You don’t want to be targeted, don’t share information on Facebook. Perhaps the more important question, though, is around the relevance of the ads themselves. 

Already, there’s been some insightful critiques on this front. Nick Carr started things off with his tart summary: “The medium is the message from our sponsor.” He goes on to point out that becoming a fan of a animated Sprite can is not exactly a revolution in advertising:

It’s a nifty system: First you get your users to entrust their personal data to you, and then you not only sell that data to advertisers but you get the users to be the vector for the ads. And what do the users get in return? An animated Sprite Sips character to interact with.

Henry Blodget asks, not unreasonably: Will advertisers pay people to recommend their products to friends? (That would be a bad idea, but you never know what Madison Avenue will try to do next).

Read more here:

and be sure to also skim the comments for more interesting commentary:

Some good thoughts – I found myself pondering a few points I hadn’t considered before. Advertising is everywhere on the web and, though we’re sick of hearing about Facebook, it will be interesting to see how things pan out down the line..

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