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Blogging Tips: don’t over complicate things

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 8, 2007

BloggingTips has some great info for folks new to blogging or looking to started. In a post titled The Best Blogging Tip no one will ever mention there is some great advice on content:

Angela had a good point yesterday when she mentioned how new Bloggers are more concerned with things like how their Blogs template looks rather than having any content. If you worry about each and every detail before you start writing content, your going to burn yourself out around your 10th post. The best advice I can give any new blogger is, don’t over complicate things. Its really that simple. You are creating something for other people to read and enjoy. Its not a fashion show or a contest. Its something that should be enjoyable for both you and your readers.

Get that blog started – craft something simple to begin with then start writing posts and getting your content out there. BONUS: Check out the rest of the post mentioned above for more detail on these tips to start blogging:

1. Pick your Topic

2. Buy your domain

3. Buy Hosting

4. Install your Blog Platform

5. Start writing – You are now a blogger.

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