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Huh? ‘SOA’ voted most ‘confusing acronym of the year’

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 9, 2007

Too funny! ‘SOA’ voted most ‘confusing acronym of the year’:

But alas, ‘SOA’ has made the top of this year’s listfrom the Global Language Monitor. Not just the top ten list, mind you, but in its own special category, along with the top ten most confusing tech words.

“IBM had to write a book to explain it?” they ask. (Yes, in fact, IBM has actually issued several books on SOA, as well as many others, from ZapThink to Hurwitz to Thomas Erl have written books to try and explain it.)

If only the GLM editors had read this blog, then they would have been tuned into the debate of whether ‘SOA’ is actually now a word in its own right, and no longer simply an acronym. Then, perhaps it would have made GLM’s “Top 10 Most Confusing (yet widely used) High Tech Buzzwords for 2007.” That list is topped by “iPod,” “Flash,” and “Nano.”

Read more here:

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