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Blogging Tips: Self Branding Will Help Generate Income as a Blogger

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 10, 2007

I’ve been looking into generating income online and am always looking for good blogging tips. I have another blog that’s 2 years old and has a solid, albiet small, audience with a technorati authority of 50, 25 bloglines subscribers and 20 feedburner subscribers. Considering I didn’t know what I was doing or what I wanted to write about for the better part of a year, and the fact that I do not advertize or promote the blog in anyway, I felt pretty good about those numbers, but I knew I’d need to get bigger to make real money online. It was in the past year that I started tagging better, using better titles for SEO, providing more useful content and writing my own original content about my niche topic, project management, and that was when the traffic started flowing. I just passed 100,00 page views on that blog and am wondering how to build a blog that will make me some money, which is what spawned The Whole Enchilada. I didn’t want to mess with ads and the like on my first blog – I consider it a professional blog and don’t want to appear to be “pimping” it.

So I’m working on this new venture and am researching the best way to drive traffic to my blog, get visitors and subscribers, determining best adverstising options and other ways to build  a money earning blog. I came across a post on “Self Branding” your blog that got me thinking that building a good blog is about more than advertising links and paid reviews. Here’s an excerpt from Self Branding – Moving Beyond the Niche to Generate Income as a Blogger:

What is self-branding?

Just like with any company such as, Microsoft, or a product like the IPOD, which attempt to emote certain feelings within the consumer in order to get them to purchase their goods, bloggers need to establish on their site who they are and what they embody. Essentially, every one of your blog readers, (whether it’s a first time visitor or a frequent active comment poster) are your consumers. Therefore “self branding” as it pertains to an individual’s blog should quickly allow readers to know what you stand for, what you are trying to portray, and most importantly, the message you are trying to convey.

The post delves deeper into why you should care about self-branding and discusses how it can build loyalty and turn visitors into subscribers.  There are also some great branding examples to show you why this is important. Some great information for bloggers looking to monetize or even build an audience. You can read more here:

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