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Business Intelligence (BI) Going Mainstream as IBM Acquires Cognos

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 13, 2007

News in the business world is IBM’s acquisition of BI provider Cognos. I liked this post from the Inovis blog: All Signs Point to…Actionable Intelligence which suggests that BI is growing more mainstream, when large companies like IBM are  investing mega bucks in it:

If it wasn’t already clear, it should be now.Business Intelligence (BI) is a critical initiative for most companies these days. The latest smoke signal that BI and Actionable Intelligence is a major play in the marketplace is IBM’s acquisition of BI provider Cognos, which comes on the heals of Oracle’s acquisition of Hyperion, and SAP’s acquisition of Business Objects.The SAPs and IBMs of the world don’t make multi-billion dollar investments without a significant value justification.

Read more here:

Great info. Check out the rest of the post for more detail!

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