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Fun with pictures – strange Japanese inventions!

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 13, 2007

Fun with pictures! Picdit has a post with 7 strange japanese inventions. Yes, these were taken from 10+ y/o book (and the comments say these images aren’t even the funniest), but I laughed anyway. You can check out the post for all pics, here are my faves:

TP Helmet

Toilet Paper Helmet or Handy Tissue Dispenser?
You decide!

Hair Noodle protector

Hair Noodle Protector or a Teeny, Tiny Tu-tu?
You Decide!

View more, uhm, interesting pics here:


One Response to “Fun with pictures – strange Japanese inventions!”

  1. Japanese inventions are hilarious. We have a whole section on our blog called “it’s Japanese to me me!” With all different inventions…that are clearly ridiculous!

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