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Tech & Gadgets: Turn your PC into an HDTV

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 13, 2007

Too cool! Turn your PC into an HDTV from cnet:

Sure, you could pay iTunes two bucks for every episode of The Office you download to your PC. Or you could add a TV tuner and record unlimited shows — in high def! — free of charge. eCost has the Viore Portable HDTV Tuner for just $55, a steal at twice the price.

(Credit: Viore)

Just plug this USB tuner into your desktop or notebook, then connect an analog cable feed or the included ATSC antenna. The latter lets you pull down HD channels right outta thin air (provided you live in a metropolitan area).

Read more here:

Can it be that easy? If so, what a great holiday gift for the gadget and electronic gear lovers in your lives!


2 Responses to “Tech & Gadgets: Turn your PC into an HDTV”

  1. Lance said

    The software provided chokes if you have Vista, even though the package says the product is Vista Capable. The software provider and the hardware provider are different companies. So, if the software doesn’t work they tell you to contact the hardware folks. Problem! The hardware company Viore’s website is gone!

    Guess I got the Whole Enchilada stuffed in the wrong orifice. Thanks for the stellar recommendation.

  2. Hi Lance – I’m guessing you had problems with the tech gadget recommended by cNet, which I refer to in this post. You should leave a comprehensive comment at the cnet article, there currently aren’t any, and that would be the place to voice your frustration and warn potential buyers 🙂

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