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Tech Update: Microsoft planning a Flickr clone

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 13, 2007

From an article at CNet News comes this interesting info: Report: Microsoft planning a Flickr clone. Of course, this information is based on a job ad but hey, if it’s on the internet (especially in a blog) it must be true, right?

“This feature team is building a next-generation photo and video sharing service that will compete with Flickr, SmugMug and other photo web solutions today. This is a ‘v1’ opportunity,” the ad said. And video will be a part of the effort, too: “This role will work across the new Windows Live division with teams like Spaces, SkyDrive, Messenger and Hotmail to construct a winning strategy for Microsoft in photo and video sharing.”

Read more here:

Interesting that Microsoft is looking at adding Flickr-ish services to it’s to the Windows Live  offering. WL was hyped a few years ago but has seemingly faded into oblivion. I know folks who use some of the desktop widgets but other than Windows Live Spaces, I don’t know how much use Windows Live actually gets. It will be fun to see if the some Flickrishness can help MS get back into the the online game.

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