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Blogging Tips: How to maximize traffic to your blog

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 14, 2007

I started writing tips for bloggers and am surprised by the amount of traffic and emails the posts generated. It seems a lot of people are looking for help with developing a solid blog and “blogging tips” is quite a popular search, as is “how to blog”. So I’ve found another great list of tips to help you get the most out of your blog, no matter what you write about. This time we’re focusing on getting people to your blog (traffic) and eventually you’ll want to work on turning visitors to subscribers, but that’s for another post.

From Seth Godin, marketing guru with a popular business blog, come a few of the over 50 excellent tips on How to get traffic for your blog:

 2.  Be topical… write posts that need to be read right now.

5.  Be timeless… write posts that will be readable in a year.

11. Don’t write about your cat, your boyfriend or your kids.

15. Be sycophantic. Share linklove and expect some back.

16. Include polls, meters and other eye candy.

19. Do email interviews with the well-known.

27. Include comments so your blog becomes a virtual water cooler that feeds itself.

31. Write about stuff that appeals to the majority of current blog readers–like gadgets and web 2.0.

35. Write posts that each include dozens of trackbacks to dozens of blog posts so that people will notice you.

36. Keep tweaking your template to make it include every conceivable bell or whistle.

41. Post on weekdays, because there are more readers.

46. Edit yourself. Ruthlessly.

55. Don’t be boring.

56. Write stuff that people want to read and share.

Read the complete list here:

What a great list of tips! You should check out the comments at the end of the post for some additional hints, tips and tricks. I plan on continuing to follow this topic so be sure to check back for more good stuff to read! Better yet, subscribe to my feed and get updated regularly!

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