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Blogging Tips On Building Traffic For The Personal Blogger

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 16, 2007

Blogging Blog has a great post for folks that run personal blogs: Top 5 Traffic Building Tips for Personal Bloggers. The post was written by Skellie and outlines some great ways for folks with smaller and more personal-focused blogs to get traffic:

1. Rethink the way you approach guest-posts. I know a lot of personal bloggers think guest posts aren’t relevant to them. After all, you’re supposed to target sites in your ‘niche’, but how does that work if you’re the only person in your niche?

Guest posts can still be very useful for personal bloggers. There are probably no other blogs about you out there, but there are likely to be many based around your interests, hobbies and skills.

2. Focus on forums. Forums are all about the cult of personality — for that reason, they’re the perfect place to develop relationships with potential readers. Pick a big, thriving forum on a topic you’re passionate about and get involved. Post regularly, be insightful and be an upstanding forum citizen. Make sure to link back to your blog in your forum signature.

I’ve seen many thriving personal blogs built on the back of an equally thriving forum profile.

3. Comments are key.

4. Get into your local blogging scene.

5. Don’t ignore social media.

Read more here:

Great info on how to get more visitors to your site and you might check out more of Blogging Blog  for more tips on buildingTrackback a great blog.

One tip that I might add to any blog looking to maximize traffic is to utilize trackbacks when referring to posts from other blogs. This is usually a URL/Link that you can add to your post which will trigger a “trackback” to the original post. Now folks viewing the post you referred to will see your blog linked to the page and they might visit to see what you’ve added to the discussion. It really is a great way to get more traffic to your blog and, as a bonus, you might be able to convert site visitors into blog subscribers by advertising your feed and highlighting why your blog is worth coming back to.

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One Response to “Blogging Tips On Building Traffic For The Personal Blogger”

  1. Mike said

    Thanks for the good tips. I’m always interested in learning more about blogging and you’ve provided links to some good info here.

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