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Amazon’s Kindle: a review on the new e-book reader w/confirmed details

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 19, 2007

Amazoncnet has a review of Amazon’s new e-book reader “Kindle“: Amazon Kindle: Hands-on first impressions. Some other reviews have not been as, let’s say, “balanced”, but cnet’s basically outlines some details and lets you decide if Kindle is worthy. They start with some condfirmed details and then outline the good/bad points with a not-quite positive summation:

The Good: Excellent high-contrast screen does a great job of simulating a printed page; large library of tens of thousands of e-books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs via Amazon’s familiar online store; built-in “Whispernet” data network–no PC needed; built-in keyboard for notes; SD card expansion slot; long battery life.

The Bad: Design is ergonomic, but not very elegant; pricing for nearly all the content seems too high, especially considering the periodicals and blogs are available for free online; black-and-white screen is fine for books, but less impressive for periodicals and Web content; lacks a true Web browser; included cover is clumsy and poorly designed; yet another dedicated device you’ll need to lug around with you.

The Bottom Line: With its built-in wireless capabilities and PC-free operation, Amazon’s Kindle is a promising evolution of the electronic book (and newspaper, and magazine)–but overpriced content could be its Achilles’ heel.

Read more here, including the confirmed details on the new Kindle:

Details in the review include Measurements, Connectivity, Books, Blogs, Newspapers and magazines available, Web browsing, Notation and bookmarks, Price and availability (hint: it’s available now via Amazon for $400 – ouch!).  Some reviews I’ve read say the Kindle is outdated, lacking features, overpriced, etc. It (apparently) does not support PDFs, there’s no wi-fi and it’s reported that you can’t add blogs that aren’t part of Amazon’s scheme, plus there is a cost to use the available, and browser support is seriously lacking. A quick look at the comments from the above article tells an interesting story:

And those are just the comments related to this specific review. Do a web search and you’ll probably get some more balanced info. Here are a few more links offering info and details on Amazon’s Kindle:

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