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Tech Stats: 90% of IT Professionals Don’t Want Vista

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 19, 2007

Slashdot has an interesting clip on Vista and the continuing lack of adoption in the business world: 90% of IT Professionals Don’t Want Vista.

A survey by King Research has found that Ninety percent of IT professionals have concerns using Vista, with compatibility, stability and cost being their key reasons. Interestingly, forty four percent of companies surveyed are considering switching to non-Windows operating systems, and nine percent of those have already started moving to their selected alternative. “The concerns about Vista specified by participants were overwhelmingly related to stability. Stability in general was frequently cited, as well as compatibility with the business software that would need to run on Vista,” said Diane Hagglund of King Research.

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Pretty interesting, especially after reading this clip from last week: Vista at Risk of Being Bypassed by Businesses.

“With Windows 7 due in late 2009 or 2010, many businesses may choose to wait it out rather than make the switch to Vista. According to some analysts, Vista uptake at this point really depends on how good Vista SP1 (due in Q1, 2008) is. If it doesn’t smooth over all the problems, companies are much more likely to stick with XP. And that holds especially true for those businesses that follow the every-other-release rule.”

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Personally, I’m still partial to XP Pro. However I should note that I’ve not had any issues with my 6 month old laptop running Vista Home. Of course I made sure to buy a laptop that would run Vista without bogging down and I’m technical enough to remove bloatware, optimize, add utilities and apps to help. I’m betting a lot of businesses will bypass Vista and hold out for the next version of Windows. Of course most new systems will come preinstalled with Vista, but if you’re ordering bulk at a business level I’d imagine you can get XP preinstalled or skip the OS and have your own IT department do the install. Time will tell..

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2 Responses to “Tech Stats: 90% of IT Professionals Don’t Want Vista”

  1. Mike said

    Generally speaking, businesses don’t like to jump to the newest OS immediately and many are slow to adopt it. I know my company waited almost two years before switching from Windows 2000 to Windows XP Pro. It takes company resources (time, money) to upgrade systems and many company’s also face compatibility issues. I’m not surprised 90% of IT personnel don’t want Vista.

  2. Hi Mike – Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ve also worked for companies that hold out until the next gen OS is more proven. With the next version of Windows already on the radar, the continuing reliability of Windows XP and lack of “need” to go Vista, I can see a lot of businesses holding out. Why would they move to vista with all the complaints for not a lot of benefits/new features? I’m interested to see how this goes over the next year or two..

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