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Are folks writing off Amazon’s Kindle book reader too quickly?

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 22, 2007

Saul Hansell has a post titled In Defense of the Kindle which outlines his thoughts on Amazon’s newly released (and recently sold out!) e-book reader. Some pretty interesting insights on why you might want to give it a second look or, at lest, give it time to grow into a better, more useful product.

A lot of people are writing off Amazon’s Kindle book reader much too quickly.The comments on our blog posts on the Kindle are filled with people talking about features it is missing. My colleague Damon Darlin posted that he finds it too expensive.

All these are true statements. The Kindle could have lots more useful features, it is too expensive, and lots of people would rather read books on paper. It’s also true that products like this fall in price and add features rapidly in the two years after they are introduced.

So don’t buy it right now unless you are the sort of early adopter that enjoys playing with, and showing off, gadgets that are bound to be replaced with cheaper better models in a year.

But it’s plain wrong to dismiss Amazon’s innovation because it is saddled with the inevitable version 1.0 problems. Remember the iPod was introduced without the touch-sensitive scroll wheel and no legal way to buy music from Apple.

Read more here:

I for one am passing on this first version. Perhaps if a newer version is slicker, more powerful and feature rich, I might take the plunge. But for now, it just isn’t worth the $400 for me. My two cents 🙂

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