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Is Wikipedia getting into social networking?

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 23, 2007

Whoa – Is Wikipedia getting into social networking? I’m a fan of Wikipedia. I know a lot of people claim it’s useless because the information is not fully vetted, some finer points on entries are debated and any entry might easily be manipulated, but I still find it a useful resource. I trust that the site is going to be around in a year (I hope!) and I always verify the that the info in a given entry is accurate for my needs. But when I read they might be getting into social networking I found myself thinking “huh?”. Thankfully, it looks like more of a teasing headline (which, of course, I used here for the same “sensational” reason). Here’s some detail from download squad’s post:

We’ve been hearing bits and pieces of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales’ big plans for a search engine for a while now. But it’s never been entirely clear how this human-powered search engine would look. Would it be more like Google or Mahalo?

South African blogger Matthew Buckland raises a third option that we hadn’t considered. It could look a lot like Facebook.

Last night Wales showed a few screenshots of his new search project to a South African audience. Buckland was in attendance, and he says some of the screenshots looked exactly like Facebook profile pages. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your search results are going to take you to social networking style pages. Honestly, that doesn’t even make much sense. If you’re searching for information on Abraham Lincoln, you probably don’t expect to find his MySpace page.

Read more here:

Whew, my head was spinning in trying to figure out the whole Wikipedia Social hoo-ha, hopefully it stays on track with it’s core model of serving great information on wide-ranging topics, and stay away from Facebook, Friendster, etc. models.


2 Responses to “Is Wikipedia getting into social networking?”

  1. Pip pip said

    Wikipedia is not getting into social networking. Wikia has nothing to do with Wikipedia.

  2. Hi Pip Pip – thanks for your comments. My post was highlighting the fact that there was speculation about Wikipedia getting into Social Networking. I don’t think there is enough information available yet (unless you’re in Wikipedia’s inner circle) to know exactly “what” the search engine will look like on final release, but from the clip it is clear there is continuing speculation on the end result and that is the point of this post – not that Wikipedia is getting into social networking.

    Thanks again for adding your thoughts!

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