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The End of Analog TV in 2009 – Rabbit-Ear / Antenna Users Unaware

Posted by wholeenchilada on January 6, 2008

Interesting post on the demise of Analog TV: Rabbit-Ear Users Don’t Know The End (of Analog TV) Is Near. If you get your programming from cable or satelite (digital feeds) no need to worry but folks using older televisions with the “rabbit ear” style antennas, or even roof mounted analog antennas will no longer be receiving programming next year. What’s interesting is that a lot of people don’t seem to be aware of the change from analog to digital feeds and the impact on older sets or those who can’t afford to go digital. There are options available and gadgets you can get to make your set compatible but, again, the big problem at this point is the large number of folks unaware of the impending change:

Rabbit-Ears Analog AntennaIn less than 14 months, any traditional television set still connected to its antenna will receive nothing but static, as the broadcasting industry cuts over completely to its new digital frequencies.

A recent poll by the marketing arm of the cable industry shows that most people still have no clue this is going to happen.

In a telephone survey in November of 1,017 people, only 48 percent said they had heard about the switch to digital television. And only 17 percent correctly identified 2009 as the year that analog television will be cut off. (The survey had a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points.)

Most people don’t actually need to know anything. The switch won’t affect sets with cable or satellite service. But 17 percent of households don’t have pay service on any of their sets. And another 21 percent of households have cable or satellite on some sets, but at least one set left that gets television over the air. (Some of those are mainly used for playing video games or watching DVDs.)

The survey found that the group most affected by the analog cutoff — those with no cable or satellite service — are most in the dark about what will happen to their sets: Only one-third of them had heard that their TVs are set to stop receiving programs.

It’s interesting to note that the people most likely to be affected by the changes are in the group that knows the least about the coming changes. Hopefully networks will do more in the coming months to make it clear to everyone that programming changes are immenent. Even if you have digital in the house, your portable tv for camping/recreation won’t be receiving any broadcasts in 14 months and the emergency radio I use during power outages will no longer receive tv audio, which kinda sucks cause we really loved that aspect.


5 Responses to “The End of Analog TV in 2009 – Rabbit-Ear / Antenna Users Unaware”

  1. jordan said

    the government is going to be able to watch u through your tv they are going to have little cameras watching everything you do the government is taking our privacy away from us listen to me i am not kiding read the book 1984 it will tell you trust me

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  3. Karen DeSanto said

    If I get my television that has rabbit ears, also connected with satellite like the TV downstairs, will I lose that because it has antennaes? Or will it be ok since it’s connected to satellite? Thank you.

  4. Hi Karen – I believe so, but your best bet would be to ask your satellite provider. My understanding is that rabbit ears will no longer work, as they receive analog feeds that will be turned off early in 2009, so you need to get a digital feed, either via a digital-to-analog converter box or from cable/satellite/dish (unless you want to go by a new DTV). If your 2nd TV is able to get satellite you should be ok but, again, better to be safe by contacting your provider.

    Check out this post for more info from the FCC and links at the bottom to additional resources:

  5. howdy there, I really thought this post was extremely helpful and wanted to say thank you very much

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