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Tech Buzz: 10 Unique Keyboards

Posted by wholeenchilada on January 16, 2008

ComputerSight has a fun list of  10 Strange Keyboards. Some are pretty slick, others seem futuristic and quite bizarre. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Combimouse

The Combimouse keyboard was created to try to combine the mouse and keyboard. The right keyboard is used for the mouse, with a two keys doubling as a left or right click. The spin wheel is located at the bottom of the left keyboard. This keyboard wasn’t created to help you type faster, rather to universalize the keyboard and mouse. This is the first of many attempts to come at a universal keyboard. At the time you cannot purchase one of these, but they should hit the market in 2008.

The SafeType

This keyboard is meant to put the keyboard in as comfortable of a position as possible. You can move the different sections to different angles, as well as take them apart and put them on your lab. However you choose it’s all about putting it in such a way that makes typing more relaxed for you. You can purchase one of these for about $300.

And my personal favorite:

The Tidy Tippist

Here is a decorative keyboard with the keys disguised into the washable tablecloth. The keyboard and electrical components are sealed inside layers and layers of water resistant felt. It hasn’t been put on the market yet, but you can expect its release in late 2008.

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2 Responses to “Tech Buzz: 10 Unique Keyboards”

  1. jcrispy said

    Wow how would you use these things? Have you heard of that keyboard that is pretty much a game controller? It’s made by Logitech. Yeah and the last one “The tidy typist” is definitely differnt….

  2. Yeah, definitely some oddballs. I like my tried and true standard keyboard, call me old school 😉

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