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Aminals: A new category for those so-cute-it’s-sick pics!

Posted by wholeenchilada on January 17, 2008

Aminals. Say it enough times and it’ll (almost) come naturally. A-m-i-n-a-l-s. Yea, that’s it! So I often receive emails with photos of adorable animals, mostly cats and dogs, that are soo cute you just w-a-n-t to forward them to everyone you know.  So instead of filling inboxes with image files and losing friends and loved ones due to my over zealous forwarding of cute kitty pics *I* find adorable, I’m creating a new category here. If you’re a cat and/or dog lover I think you’ll enjoy this section. If you are afraid of dogs (because they can sense evil??) or hate cats (because they are the true rulers??), you might as well skip these posts. Onward!

Aminals: The Good, The Bad And The Cuddly

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on captions for any of these great pictures. Also, if you have a cute animal picture to share please reference it in the comments.  We’ll see how much interest there is in my new Aminal category and go from there.

Disclaimer: One of the unfortunate things about the email forwards these images come from is they often contain no reference to the original photo- where it came from, who to credit, who the animals/owners are, etc. If you see ANY photo here and know it’s origin or who should receive proper credit – please contact me and I’ll update asap.


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Hate Vista? Join new campaign to save Windows XP from retirement

Posted by wholeenchilada on January 17, 2008

downloadsquad points us to an interesting initiative launched by InfoWorld to stop Microsoft from retiring the still popular Windows XP operating system:

So Microsoft, which had planned to stop selling Windows XP to users and computer manufacturers late last year extended that date until June 30th of this year. But something tells us that if Microsoft follows through on this promise, there’s going to be a huge market for used copies of Windows XP.

That’s why we’re happy to see that InfoWorld has launched a “Save XP” campaign. The goal is to get as many people as possible to sign an online petition. Your names, but not your email addresses will be sent to Microsoft in an attempt to change the company’s mind.

Read more here:

On January 14th this was posted at the Save XP site:

Join the 21,572 people so far (as of noon PT on Jan. 16) who have had signed our online petition to demand that Microsoft not stop OEM and shrinkwrapped sales of Windows XP as planned on June 30, 2008, but instead keep it available indefinitely.

Which was quickly followed by this more detailed post – Save Windows XP! The clock is ticking:

Microsoft plans to end most sales of Windows XP on June 30, despite a deep reluctance by many business and individuals about moving to Vista. InfoWorld believes such an expensive, time-consuming shift with problematic benefits should not be forced on Windows users, so we have decided to rally XP users to demand that XP be kept available.

Read more here:

I knew XP had quite a loyal user base and that Vista was suffering from lack of adoption – a lot of businesses were said to be bypassing Vista, using the more stable XP until the next operating system from Microsft launched. I find it interesting that folks are so passionate about not moving to Vista that they are organizing movements to encourage MS from putting XP to rest.

Some related reading:

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