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Cool Tool: PDFTextOnline – A Hassle-free PDF to Text Converter

Posted by wholeenchilada on February 9, 2008

Here’s some great info from makeuseof on a  a free, no-registration web app that quickly takes your files and converts them to plain text, where you can copy or save as a text file. PDFTextOnline is a “Hassle-free PDF to Text Converter” with the added bonus of being able to change font & layout style of the converted text, and the ability to access both bookmarks and properties from the original PDF. There are other features on this web app you’ll want to read up on, for now here’s a clicp from the article PDFTextOnline : Hassle-free PDF to Text Converter:

Getting text out of your PDF Documents is often a major hassle. Enter PDFTextOnline, web-based text extractor that allows users to upload and extract text from PDF documents in less then a minute. Once extracted users are able to easily change the font and layout of the text, and download it back as a text file. No registration required, simply click “Start Now” button and select the PDF document that you want to convert.

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2 Responses to “Cool Tool: PDFTextOnline – A Hassle-free PDF to Text Converter”

  1. Tech News said

    You can download openoffice (free), and convert many different types to .PFD, including speadsheets, etc..
    Anyways, nice aritcle, thanks for the resource.

  2. Raven said

    I’ve been looking into openoffice – thanks for the recommendation 🙂

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