The Whole Enchilada

Thoughts on life, work, tech & biz and the whole enchilada


The Whole Enchilada is a blog about everything – life, work, technology, business, current events and more.

I created this blog to write more casual posts on humor, technology, life and business – anything and everything – and not worry about being silly, geeky or a plain and simple d-o-r-k.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Niyaz PK said

    Thanks very much for visiting my blog.
    I wish you all the best.
    Cheers…. 🙂

  2. jayfresh said

    Hey Raven, do you have a Twitter ID then?

  3. Ahh, Twitter.. So far I have resisted it’s sweet tempation. Currently the best way to contact me is via email: WholeEnchi AT gmail DOT com. I know, I know – I’m soooo 1999 😉

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