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Online tools to improve your typing skills

Posted by wholeenchilada on February 28, 2008

Though I can be a fast typer I’m always looking for ways to improve my typing speed and quality. I came across a post on improving your typing skills and thought I’d share: Improve Your Typing Skills With TypeSpeed.

Webapp TypeSpeed makes it easy to learn and improve upon your typing skills with a series of touch-typing exercises and tests. The free site (an email address is required for registration) stores your progress and shows you where improvement can be made. The only downside: if you’re used to hitting the spacebar twice after each sentence in test mode, your results won’t be recorded properly, even if you’re typing the exact words. While the website is not the most visually appealing, TypeSpeed gets the job done of improving your typing skills and looks safe for some downtime at work. For other typing tools, see previously mentioned Windows download RapidTyping and touch typing webapp KeyBR.

Read more of the post here:

To learn more about TypeSpeed and try it out, go here: You’ll need to register if you want to try all 40 texts they have for typing tests but you can try their basic test  without registering. Also, here’s some info from their website:

TypeSpeed is the fastest way to reach your full typing potential. You can use the ‘exercises’ to learn how to type, or review the most efficient typing techniques available. If you ever want to know what your typing speed is, you can take the typing test, which will tell you how well you type.

If you teach a typing course/class, you can use TypeSpeed as a teaching aid to help your students learn how to type faster. As they advance through the exercises, you’ll be relieved to know that when you want to test them, you can choose the difficulty of the texts they have to type.

The comments section referenced a tool called Fingerjig for a “typing game”. Here’s a clip from the website:

Fingerjig is a 6 minute game that tests your typing ability. Words are randomly chosen from a dictionary of over 70,000. You must try to type the words as quickly and accurately as you can!

You can learn more here: Note that if you scroll below the “start” section you’ll find a set of typing tips to help you get the most out of your typing sessions.


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Cool Tool: PDFTextOnline – A Hassle-free PDF to Text Converter

Posted by wholeenchilada on February 9, 2008

Here’s some great info from makeuseof on a  a free, no-registration web app that quickly takes your files and converts them to plain text, where you can copy or save as a text file. PDFTextOnline is a “Hassle-free PDF to Text Converter” with the added bonus of being able to change font & layout style of the converted text, and the ability to access both bookmarks and properties from the original PDF. There are other features on this web app you’ll want to read up on, for now here’s a clicp from the article PDFTextOnline : Hassle-free PDF to Text Converter:

Getting text out of your PDF Documents is often a major hassle. Enter PDFTextOnline, web-based text extractor that allows users to upload and extract text from PDF documents in less then a minute. Once extracted users are able to easily change the font and layout of the text, and download it back as a text file. No registration required, simply click “Start Now” button and select the PDF document that you want to convert.

Read more here:

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Use Google Docs Loader To Get Documents Online In ONE Click!

Posted by wholeenchilada on February 9, 2008

I’m just getting started with using Google Docs and found a great tip via lifehacker: put-documents-online-in-one-click-with-google-docs-uploader. Here’s a clip:

Windows only: Google has released a simple one-purpose application that lets you upload multiple documents at once to a Google Docs account, as well as add right-click uploading options for all the document types accepted by the free online office suit. Before the free app’s release, meant to show off the Google Docs API, your best bet for posting multiple files was through email, but even that had a 500KB size restriction and only worked with certain document types. Not much more to say—it’s a simple, effective tool, and it seems to work pretty quickly. Google Docs Uploader is a free download for Windows only and requires .NET Framework 2.0.

Read more:

You can learn more in a related post: Easily upload your documents to Google Docs!

To demonstrate the functionality of the Documents List Data API, I have released a new sample application that makes uploading your documents even easier. The application works on Windows PCs running the .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.

Download the Documents List Uploader.

Files can be uploaded to Google Docs either by enabling a right-click menu item or through drag-and-drop functionality. This makes it simple to browse through your local files and selectively upload the ones you want to edit, share, or publish using Google Docs.

Read more here:

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Good Question: Should Microsoft Buy Yahoo?

Posted by wholeenchilada on February 4, 2008

Good post on the Microsoft/Yahoo deal from Tech and Biz Buzz: Good Question: Should Microsoft Buy Yahoo?. here’s a brief clip:

Eckel starts with a great line “I read somewhere that over half of acquisitions fail. I think the percentage may much higher than half. ” I think he’s right about the percentage being higher, but maybe it just sounds right. The article proceeds to outline two past big-name acquisitions like “Borland buys Ashton-Tate” and “HP buys Compaq”, and then tackles the current potential big buy – “Microsoft might buy Yahoo”..

Read more here:

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yep – Yahoo! hands its music business to Rhapsody

Posted by wholeenchilada on February 4, 2008

In a post over at download squad titled Yahoo! hands its music business to Rhapsody, author Brad Linder provides some interesting info:

Yahoo! is preparing to dump its Yahoo! Music Unlimited service and replace it with a partnership with RealNetworks’ Rhapsody. A few weeks ago we reported on a rumor that Yahoo! was exploring the idea of launching a DRM-free music store to compete with Apple and Amazon. It looks like the company decided to go another direction.

Both Yahoo! Music Unlimited and Rhapsody allow users to access a large library of on-demand music for a subscription fee. But while Yahoo! has been charging $5.99 to $8.99 per month, Rhapsody charges $12.99 per month. Existing users will have their accounts automatically transferred to Rhapsody, with their music libraries intact. But when you’re contract runs out, you’ll be charged the higher rate

read more here:

I wonder how this all ties into the Yahoo! / Microsoft talks going on? Here’s some related reading:

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Coming Soon? Vista SP1 Released to Manufacturing

Posted by wholeenchilada on February 4, 2008

from the post Vista SP1 Released to Manufacturing comes this interesting info:

Reverend Ninja writes “According to the Windows Vista team blog, Windows Vista SP1 has been released to manufacturing. It appears we’ll have to wait until mid-March to play with it though, as the team cites that they want everyone to have a ‘great install experience’. ‘Service Pack 1 brings new improvements that are based on feedback we heard from our customers. It further improves the reliability and performance of Windows Vista. The information we collect thanks to tools like the Customer Experience Improvement Program, Online Crash Analysis, and Windows Error Reporting help us learn about where and when customers are having issues with Windows Vista and the applications that run on it. Since these issues have a direct impact on our customers’ experiences, we’ve invested time and energy to make this better. While Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is an important milestone, we will continue to invest in the continuous improvement process.'” 

read more here:

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Microsoft Report Claims Vista Has the Fewest Flaws

Posted by wholeenchilada on January 25, 2008

I saw this a post at slashdot and had to share – Microsoft Says Vista Has the Fewest Flaws:

“Microsoft issued a year-one security report on its Windows Vista operating system today, and it turns out Vista logged less than half the vulnerabilities than Windows XP did in its first year. According to the new Microsoft report, Vista also had fewer vulnerabilities in its first year than other OSes — including Red Hat rhel4ws, Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, and Apple Mac OS X 10.4 — did in their first years.”

Read more here:

Now the question is whether the lack of adoption of Vista affects these numbers. If consumers and businesses aren’t moving to Vista (Windows Vista labeled the #1 most disappointing product of 2007), and considering the growing XP love-fest (there’s even a Save XP campaign online!), one would think the number of issues logged during first year would be less than earlier Microsoft operating systems. I don’t know enough about Red Hat, Ubuntu and Mac OS’s to comment on them, but I’m still not sure about the claim that “Vista has the fewest flaws”. Less flaws logged? Possible. Less overall flaws, kinda doubtful.

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What is anonymous web browsing or web surfing?

Posted by wholeenchilada on January 23, 2008

Ever wondered what anonymous web surfing really is and why you might want to use it? Here’s some info from a post titled What is anonymous surfing?

Anonymous surfing is browsing web sites privately.

Anonymous surfing encompasses two different forms of privacy:

  • Privacy protection from the web site you are browsing.
  • Privacy protection from eavesdroppers who may be watching your network connection.

Anonymous web surfing works by putting a proxy server between the user and the web site. The web browser talks to the proxy server, and the proxy server talks to the web site.

The web site does not know who you are, it only knows who the anonymous proxy server is. The anonymous proxy server does know who you are — so you had better choose an anonymous proxy server that you trust.

Going online and browsing anonymous isn’t just for people looking to hide bad habits, it protects your privacy and will stop websites from dumping cookies and temporary internet files on your system, and also help stave off phishing attacks, identify theft and more:

There are many reasons why someone would want to do anonymous surfing. People surf anonymously to protect themselves from the government, their employers, or nosy family members.

People in Iran use anonymous surfing to prevent being executed in the streets. People in corporate America use anonymous surfing to avoid sharing the details of their personal lives with their employers. Everyone uses anonymous surfing to protect their privacy from nosy web sites and annoying advertisers.

There are different types of anonymous web surfing:

  • Anonymous surfing through a web site — With these systems, you browse the web site of the anonymous proxy server and enter in the URL of the web page you actually want to surf.
  • Anonymous surfing through client applications — With these systems, you download and install a client application which manages the details of anonymous surfing for you.
  • Anonymous surfing though an anonymous web proxy service — With these services, you configure your browser to point to an anonymous web proxy. These systems are public and are setup and advertised for anonymous proxy usage.
  • Anonymous surfing though an anonymous server — With these systems, you configure your browser to point to an anonymous web proxy. These systems are published in constantly updated lists on many web sites on the Internet. You normally do not know who is running each of these anonymous proxy servers. You hope it isn’t someone who is recording your traffic.

As for the “best” free anonymous browsing website or proxy service, it’s hard to say since new sites and services are popping up all the time, while others fade to black. Your best bet will be to do a quick internet search and weed through the current top dogs.

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Did Ya Know? Microsoft to Force IE7 Update on February 12th

Posted by wholeenchilada on January 23, 2008

A post over at Slashdot caught my attention: Microsoft to Force IE7 Update on February 12th:

“InfoWorld is reporting that on February 12th, Microsoft will roll out Internet Explorer 7 through Windows Server Update Services to all systems – regardless of whether or not the update had been requested previously. The piece also mentions ways to prevent the update from occurring, for sysadmins who do not want to use IE7 on their systems. Microsoft claims that the decision was made due to ‘security concerns’.”

After a quick check of the InfoWorld Article Microsoft warns businesses of impending autoupdate to IE7, it does appear that an Internet Explorer update to version 7 will be forced down IE users throats. Luckily the article provides info on how to work around the auto-update for sys admins and I bet the average user isn’t even aware of the coming changes or how it might affect them. This interesting stat shows that IE6 still has a decent user base, more than I’d have guessed:

More than one in every three people still relies on IE6, according to data gathered by Web metrics vendor Net Applications. During December 2007, IE6 accounted for 35 percent of the browsers that visited the 40,000-some sites monitored by the company.

Additional reading:

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New Version of Windows To Be Released Next Year?

Posted by wholeenchilada on January 23, 2008

Hmm, sounds a bit early bit here’s a clip discussing the next Microsoft OS – Windows 7 To Be Released Next Year?

screenshot019.jpg“A recently-released roadmap for the next major Window release — Windows 7 — indicates that Microsoft is planning to release the new operating system in the second half of 2009, rather than the anticipated release date of some time in 2010. This quickly-approaching release date would seem to be at least partially verified by news of a milestone build available for review by an anonymous third party.”

Read more here:

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