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Use Google Docs Loader To Get Documents Online In ONE Click!

Posted by wholeenchilada on February 9, 2008

I’m just getting started with using Google Docs and found a great tip via lifehacker: put-documents-online-in-one-click-with-google-docs-uploader. Here’s a clip:

Windows only: Google has released a simple one-purpose application that lets you upload multiple documents at once to a Google Docs account, as well as add right-click uploading options for all the document types accepted by the free online office suit. Before the free app’s release, meant to show off the Google Docs API, your best bet for posting multiple files was through email, but even that had a 500KB size restriction and only worked with certain document types. Not much more to say—it’s a simple, effective tool, and it seems to work pretty quickly. Google Docs Uploader is a free download for Windows only and requires .NET Framework 2.0.

Read more:

You can learn more in a related post: Easily upload your documents to Google Docs!

To demonstrate the functionality of the Documents List Data API, I have released a new sample application that makes uploading your documents even easier. The application works on Windows PCs running the .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.

Download the Documents List Uploader.

Files can be uploaded to Google Docs either by enabling a right-click menu item or through drag-and-drop functionality. This makes it simple to browse through your local files and selectively upload the ones you want to edit, share, or publish using Google Docs.

Read more here:

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How to add your URL, Website or Blog to Google

Posted by wholeenchilada on January 26, 2008

A pretty easy solution is offered by Google itself – Add your URL to Google. Here’s a bit’o info from the page:

Share your place on the net with us.
We add and update new sites to our index each time we crawl the web, and we invite you to submit your URL here. We do not add all submitted URLs to our index, and we cannot make any predictions or guarantees about when or if they will appear.

Please enter your full URL, including the http:// prefix. For example: You may also add comments or keywords that describe the content of your page. These are used only for our information and do not affect how your page is indexed or used by Google.

Please note: Only the top-level page from a host is necessary; you do not need to submit each individual page. Our crawler, Googlebot, will be able to find the rest. Google updates its index on a regular basis, so updated or outdated link submissions are not necessary. Dead links will ‘fade out’ of our index on our next crawl when we update our entire index.

Read more here: 

The process itself is very simple. At the page above there is a text box where you enter your site URL and a second for optional comments on your site or blog. Once the info is entered you type in the security letters from the image on the page and click “Add URL”. Your site should be crawled by Googlebots on the next run.

If for some reason you should ever need to remove your site or blog from Google click here for more information.

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Interesting thoughts: Why Facebook is not the future of the web

Posted by wholeenchilada on December 11, 2007

The internet is full of chatter on Facebook – they’re getting sued, they’re growing like crazy, and let’s not even bother with the whole “beacon” ad fiasco. Have you seen this post from Matt Frye over at o’reilly: ? Pretty interesting opinions:

1) Facebook is experiencing – With more than 150,000 new users signing up daily, it is growing three times as fast as rival MySpace. Growth like that can’t last forever and the investiment to maintain either the growth, the infrastructure to handle the growth, or both, is huge. Despite all the hype, MySpace is still the leader in social networking. Facebook still has quite a way to go before catching up with MySpace, and if that ever happens, it will also reach a plateau.
2) Facebook is not for sale – While independence is a nice sentiment, Facebook needs cash to survive. Initial investors are all smiles and “we want you to succeed” when handing over that initial $38 million, but the whole point is to make a profit. In July, Mark Zuckerberg said, “We’re not looking to IPO anytime soon. It’s just not the core focus of the company.” The next wave will come from the $1 billion that Facebook refused or from investors in some other IPO.

3) Facebook doesn’t respect users – Social advertising and features like Beacon have led thousands of users to sign petitions opposing them. Facebook is alienating its core audience. According to security researchers at Computer Associates, Facebook is collecting shopping information even when users are logged out of their system and have opted out of sharing their purchases.

4) Facebook is getting sued – Zuckerberg’s Harvard buddies claim he stole the idea. Even if the lawsuits are bogus, lawsuits tend to drive away investors and users who worry about getting entangled in bad situations. Lawsuits are also expensive, even if you win.

5) Facebook is full of useless crap and kinda slow – Poke, zombie, whatever.

Read more here:

Some interesting thoughts, most I agree with. As for Facebook being full of “useless crap”, I think that’s based on perspective. A lot of folks use the internet for entertainment (maybe it should be called the Intertainmentnet?), to kill time, relax, and have fun, and calling their fun stuff, games and time wasters “poo” is probably a bit subjective.  

As for the future of Facebook? I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon. A lot of us thought Yahoo! was just a fad and it’s still around, and that little company called Google kept growing until it bursted, and is often referred to as a Microsoft competitor. So who’s to say what the next 3-5 years will bring for Facebook. My bet is that they’ll still have a loyal user base, though something bigger, better, faster, and more-hyped will have lured away people looking for the next big thing and attract more new users through hype and word of mouth from the hip folks. But then again, what do I know 😉

image by Cor at Brainless Contemplations blog:

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Is Wikipedia getting into social networking?

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 23, 2007

Whoa – Is Wikipedia getting into social networking? I’m a fan of Wikipedia. I know a lot of people claim it’s useless because the information is not fully vetted, some finer points on entries are debated and any entry might easily be manipulated, but I still find it a useful resource. I trust that the site is going to be around in a year (I hope!) and I always verify the that the info in a given entry is accurate for my needs. But when I read they might be getting into social networking I found myself thinking “huh?”. Thankfully, it looks like more of a teasing headline (which, of course, I used here for the same “sensational” reason). Here’s some detail from download squad’s post:

We’ve been hearing bits and pieces of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales’ big plans for a search engine for a while now. But it’s never been entirely clear how this human-powered search engine would look. Would it be more like Google or Mahalo?

South African blogger Matthew Buckland raises a third option that we hadn’t considered. It could look a lot like Facebook.

Last night Wales showed a few screenshots of his new search project to a South African audience. Buckland was in attendance, and he says some of the screenshots looked exactly like Facebook profile pages. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your search results are going to take you to social networking style pages. Honestly, that doesn’t even make much sense. If you’re searching for information on Abraham Lincoln, you probably don’t expect to find his MySpace page.

Read more here:

Whew, my head was spinning in trying to figure out the whole Wikipedia Social hoo-ha, hopefully it stays on track with it’s core model of serving great information on wide-ranging topics, and stay away from Facebook, Friendster, etc. models.

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searchles TV Remash: beta video clip editing tool

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 14, 2007

Looking for a new video editing tool? Here’s a new one that’s currently in beta – searchles TV Remash let’s you edit “ANY Youtube or Google video” but there’s a neat twist:

You also have the option to drag multiple videos at once into the Remash timeline box for editing. You can then mash up the clips into a single channel. A searchles channel will stream the videos seamlessly back-to-back in one player and you can embed the searchles TV player anywhere on the web. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?  

Well, it sounds pretty awesome to “mash” multiple clips together into one video that I could embed on my blog or website. How does searchles TV Remash stand up? Here’s my first try:

  • First step is to register and confirm vial email. Then you can log in and get to work. 
  • I started by searching for videos to mash, I entered “Scrubs” for one of my favorite TV shows and clicked search = YouTube
  • Results were good and I got different videos related to changes in search terms
  • Dragging the videos to the Timeline Videos section was a snap and they instantly appeared in the Remash Timeline in the order I had added them
  • Reordering videos was also easy, just drag to rearrange videos or click the small X in the upper window of the desired video to delete it. Originally I found myself trying to delete and reorder videos on the Remash Timeline, but figured out I was in the wrong area pretty easily. You can chalk this up to new user trial and error but perhaps a pop-up or note directing new users to delete or reorder in the Timeline Videos section could be of use.
  • As a new user I was again trying to use the Remash Timeline to edit videos, but it was easy to find the “Selected Clip Options” area and edit time off the front and/or back of each clip in the Timeline Videos section
  • Once I had clipped time off the front and back of a video I was confused as to what the next step was. There wasn’t a clear save option for a given clips edits. I finally determined the time edits were being saved when I switched to another clip.
  • I still found myself wanting to use the Remash Timeline to drag clip times but it’s probably something a regular user would get used to
  • Once I trimmed both vidoes down, I entered a name for my mash: My Scrubs Mash and was taken to a page where I could view it or copy the embed code to use on my blog or website.
  • If your blogging app lets you use embed code for videos, you’ll be pleased with the results. If you use Worpress, like The Whole Enchilada, you won’t be able to embed the video as WP only accepts links and does the embedding on their end. I tried using the URL for the video that’s in embed code (it’s the hack in me) and WordPress still didn’t want to play nice. Kind of a bummer since the whole point is to embed videos, but there is the My Scrubs Mash link and I logged out to verify you don’t need to be registered with Searchles to view it. So that’s cool. I’m not sure how the tool stands up to other blogging platforms like Blogger, TypePad, Windows Live Spaces, etc. so you’ll want to make sure it will work for you.
  • Currently Remash only supports YouTube and Google videos, but I’d expect other options to come – remember the tool is still in beta – and you can add videos by entering a URL so that’s nice.
  • The other benefit of searchles TV Remash is the social search/social networking aspects. You can create and share videos, create channels, share with friends, and more. I received a comment from someone minutes after submitting My Scrubs Mash 

Summary of searchles TV Remash

 A pretty cool tool to search and add multiple video clips, trim as desired then publish with options to embed the “mashed up” video, submit to searchles channels, add other videos and such. The app is pretty simple but a little light on instructions for new users.  The four steps on the main video edit page are probably enough for regular users but someone new to the tool might need a few more tips to help get started with their first mash. Now that I think about it, the teaser page that gets you interested in signing up had some more detail – perhaps using that image for new users would help them get started. I worked my way through with minor hit and misses but searchles might want to consider helping new users along with informative text, alt text or other types of user prompts.  If you keep in mind that TV Remash is in Beta I think you’ll be pretty pleased with the tool. The drawbacks are some blogging platforms don’t allow embed and only Google and YouTube videos are supported.  Additionally it’s not the most intuitive User Interface (UI) and there is light support when getting started, however if you’re a quick learner or actually read help/support/faq’s then you’ll probably be ok.

Overall I think TV Remash is a good tool and I can see myself using it in the future. For instance, I love the show Scrub’s and am always trying to explain various scenes and skits, which ends up butchering the humor and making me look like the dork I am. With TV Remash I can chop up my clips and send a link. Now that’s what I’m talking about –  all my clips in one pretty little video! It will be interesting to see what searchles TV Remash UI looks like post-beta. I know they’re soliciting feedback and working on a final cut so I’ll keep my eyes and ears peeled for updates on future releases.

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Google’s OpenSocial API and true Social Networking Site Interoperability

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 8, 2007

Some more great thoughts on interoperability and social networking sites:

One hoary truth of computing technology is that most of the pressing problems today have solutions discovered or developed, at least in part, twenty years ago. (This nicely avoids the patent problem.)

Google’s announcement of the OpenSocial API brought up yet again the persistent problem of walled gardens on the Internet, as myriad social networking sites spring up, offer to invite all of your friends if you divulge your address books, and then slowly wither as you realize that visiting half-a-dozen sites every day to read messages from your fragmented social groups is busy work.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of these disparate messaging systems could interoperate?

Read more here:

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OpenSocial, Google and Red Tape

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 6, 2007

Some interesting info from last week on the OpenSocial Hoo-ha. I still found it worthy and thought I’d share: OpenSocial opens new can of worms

“But as the OpenSocial overseer, working through partnerships rather than its usual strategy of acquisitions, Google might not have quite as much power as it’s used to. “Partnerships can certainly be very efficient,” said RedMonk analyst Stephen O’Grady, who specializes in open-source technology. “They can also be very challenging. You’re trying to get a bunch of different firms with competing interests to try to go along. Coalitions of this sort can be problematic over time.”

It could also mean some rather un-Googly red tape. The individual social-networking sites are responsible for getting their own arms of the project up and running, and exactly when that will happen is by no means clear. Friendster users, for example, won’t see any OpenSocial widgets until at least the beginning of December, and LinkedIn representatives told CNET that while developer activity will begin soon, the full presence of the new platform won’t be felt until early 2008.

Additionally, some of the OpenSocial participants have not abandoned their existing in-house platform strategies. “We have our own developer program,” Friendster Vice President of Marketing David Jones said. “(Developers) will be able to use either Friendster’s platform or OpenSocial…We already have hundreds signed up for the Friendster developer program.” Jones added that Friendster’s own platform will launch on November 30, before its OpenSocial integration does.

Read more here:

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The ripple of Google’s Open Social continues

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 3, 2007

Some interesting info from JayFresh on the continuing ripple of Google’s Open Social and the effect on Facebook:

“The thing about Facebook, for all its yummy and addictive gloriousness, is that it’s been around a while. This is worrying. Friendster, MySpace have both experienced a huge and short-lived boom period, followed by customers migrating to the next, best and shiny thing. Given that Bebo has been the #1 social network in the UK for some time now, and with the recent news that they, along with several others, are joining the Google-led “Open Social” platform, the time has come for Facebookers to get worried.

What am I talking about? The problem is Facebook’s infamous “walled garden” approach to storing its customers’ data. It’s very easy to get your information into Facebook, but it’s pretty tricky to get it out. Some people have built screen-scrapers that are exposing a chink in Facebook’s armour, but using these violates the Terms & Conditions of Facebook, so you can be banned – it’s explicit that Facebook doesn’t want you to leave. When you do want to, you have to start again from scratch, building your network and your identity within it…”

Read more:

The rest of the post is equally interesting, digging into details and research on social networks and shedding some light on the true benefits of a “decentralized social network”.

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Will Facebook now be forced to join OpenSocial?

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 2, 2007

More hoopla on the Google OpenSocial announcement: Checkmate? MySpace, Bebo and SixApart To Join Google OpenSocial (confirmed). Pretty good info and the article pretty much ends with this post’s title “Will Facebook now be forced to join OpenSocial?”. After reading the complete article, I had to wonder myself – here’s a clip from the TechCrunch article to get you started:

Google may have just come out of nowhere and checkmated Facebook in the social networking power struggle.

MySpace and Six Apart will announce that they are joining Google’s OpenSocial initiative. Silicon Alley Insider reported the MySpace rumor earlier today. We’ve confirmed that from an independent source, as well as the fact that Six Apart is joining. Per the update below, Google has also confirmed Bebo is joining.

Google will be making an announcement today. MySpace and Six Apart join Orkut, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Ning, Hi5, Plaxo, Friendster, Viadeo and Oracle as announced Google partners. No word on whether MySpace will continue with efforts to complete its own recently announced platform, but the answer is probably yes. They are likely to simply do both (Update: see below).

Suddenly, within just the last couple of days, the entire social networking world has announced that they are ganging up to take on Facebook, and Google is their Quarterback in the big game.

Read more here:

I liked this piece because it made a good case for OpenSocial and left me wondering what the next few months will bring. There’s no use linking to related articles at this point as new commentary is popping up every minute and updates on the OpenSocial front keep coming. I’m sure we can look forward to more announcements and interesting changes on this and related subjects.

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