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Interesting Stats on OpenSocial Networks and Facebook

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 12, 2007

Some interesting stats and info in a post from Read/Write Web called OpenSocial and Facebook Stats from Rapleaf:

Rapleaf gathered data on users of MySpace, LinkedIn, Friendster, Plaxo, and Hi5 – five social networks on the OpenSocial platform – and also gathered data on Facebook users. Some highlights, followed by full details below:

  • The greatest overlap between OpenSocial container sites exists between Myspace and Hi5, in which 43% of Hi5 users also use Myspace.
  • Facebook users are 63% female and 36% male whereas the sites integrated with the OpenSocial platform are 61% female and 38% male.
  • 52% of Facebook users are 18-25, whereas 40% of the users are 18-25 for the five container sites on the OpenSocial platform.
  • Facebook users tend to use 2.9 major social networking sites on average whereas users of OpenSocial container sites tend to use 2.7 major social networking sites.

Read more here:

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Google’s OpenSocial API and true Social Networking Site Interoperability

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 8, 2007

Some more great thoughts on interoperability and social networking sites:

One hoary truth of computing technology is that most of the pressing problems today have solutions discovered or developed, at least in part, twenty years ago. (This nicely avoids the patent problem.)

Google’s announcement of the OpenSocial API brought up yet again the persistent problem of walled gardens on the Internet, as myriad social networking sites spring up, offer to invite all of your friends if you divulge your address books, and then slowly wither as you realize that visiting half-a-dozen sites every day to read messages from your fragmented social groups is busy work.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of these disparate messaging systems could interoperate?

Read more here:

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OpenSocial, Google and Red Tape

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 6, 2007

Some interesting info from last week on the OpenSocial Hoo-ha. I still found it worthy and thought I’d share: OpenSocial opens new can of worms

“But as the OpenSocial overseer, working through partnerships rather than its usual strategy of acquisitions, Google might not have quite as much power as it’s used to. “Partnerships can certainly be very efficient,” said RedMonk analyst Stephen O’Grady, who specializes in open-source technology. “They can also be very challenging. You’re trying to get a bunch of different firms with competing interests to try to go along. Coalitions of this sort can be problematic over time.”

It could also mean some rather un-Googly red tape. The individual social-networking sites are responsible for getting their own arms of the project up and running, and exactly when that will happen is by no means clear. Friendster users, for example, won’t see any OpenSocial widgets until at least the beginning of December, and LinkedIn representatives told CNET that while developer activity will begin soon, the full presence of the new platform won’t be felt until early 2008.

Additionally, some of the OpenSocial participants have not abandoned their existing in-house platform strategies. “We have our own developer program,” Friendster Vice President of Marketing David Jones said. “(Developers) will be able to use either Friendster’s platform or OpenSocial…We already have hundreds signed up for the Friendster developer program.” Jones added that Friendster’s own platform will launch on November 30, before its OpenSocial integration does.

Read more here:

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The ripple of Google’s Open Social continues

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 3, 2007

Some interesting info from JayFresh on the continuing ripple of Google’s Open Social and the effect on Facebook:

“The thing about Facebook, for all its yummy and addictive gloriousness, is that it’s been around a while. This is worrying. Friendster, MySpace have both experienced a huge and short-lived boom period, followed by customers migrating to the next, best and shiny thing. Given that Bebo has been the #1 social network in the UK for some time now, and with the recent news that they, along with several others, are joining the Google-led “Open Social” platform, the time has come for Facebookers to get worried.

What am I talking about? The problem is Facebook’s infamous “walled garden” approach to storing its customers’ data. It’s very easy to get your information into Facebook, but it’s pretty tricky to get it out. Some people have built screen-scrapers that are exposing a chink in Facebook’s armour, but using these violates the Terms & Conditions of Facebook, so you can be banned – it’s explicit that Facebook doesn’t want you to leave. When you do want to, you have to start again from scratch, building your network and your identity within it…”

Read more:

The rest of the post is equally interesting, digging into details and research on social networks and shedding some light on the true benefits of a “decentralized social network”.

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Will Facebook now be forced to join OpenSocial?

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 2, 2007

More hoopla on the Google OpenSocial announcement: Checkmate? MySpace, Bebo and SixApart To Join Google OpenSocial (confirmed). Pretty good info and the article pretty much ends with this post’s title “Will Facebook now be forced to join OpenSocial?”. After reading the complete article, I had to wonder myself – here’s a clip from the TechCrunch article to get you started:

Google may have just come out of nowhere and checkmated Facebook in the social networking power struggle.

MySpace and Six Apart will announce that they are joining Google’s OpenSocial initiative. Silicon Alley Insider reported the MySpace rumor earlier today. We’ve confirmed that from an independent source, as well as the fact that Six Apart is joining. Per the update below, Google has also confirmed Bebo is joining.

Google will be making an announcement today. MySpace and Six Apart join Orkut, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Ning, Hi5, Plaxo, Friendster, Viadeo and Oracle as announced Google partners. No word on whether MySpace will continue with efforts to complete its own recently announced platform, but the answer is probably yes. They are likely to simply do both (Update: see below).

Suddenly, within just the last couple of days, the entire social networking world has announced that they are ganging up to take on Facebook, and Google is their Quarterback in the big game.

Read more here:

I liked this piece because it made a good case for OpenSocial and left me wondering what the next few months will bring. There’s no use linking to related articles at this point as new commentary is popping up every minute and updates on the OpenSocial front keep coming. I’m sure we can look forward to more announcements and interesting changes on this and related subjects.

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Open Web APIs, Google’s Open Social and you

Posted by wholeenchilada on November 1, 2007

(exec talking to IT person) Apparently our open API is empowering our customers with unprecedented control over their destinies. So please shut it down.Big buzz abounds as Google launches it’s new Open Web API called Open Social. Marc Andreessen has a nice write up on the subject: Open Social: a new universe of social applications all over the web. Here’s a snip:

My company, Ning, is participating in this week’s launch of a new open web API called Open Social, which is being spearheaded by Google and joined by a wide range of partners including Google’s own Orkut, LinkedIn, Hi5, Friendster,, Oracle, iLike, Flixster, RockYou, and Slide.

In a nutshell, Open Social is an open web API that can be supported by two kinds of developers:

  • “Containers” — social networking systems like Ning, Orkut, LinkedIn, Hi5, and Friendster, and…
  • “Apps” — applications that want to be embedded within containers — for example, the kinds of applications built by iLike, Flixster, Rockyou, and Slide.

Read more here:

And here’s a clip from a related post by Michelle Murrain over at ZenOfNPTech:

OpenSocial is a set of APIs. It’s aimed primarily at developers. Google has a number of partners, including social network sites like LinkedIn, Friendster and Ning, as well as Salesforce, which does have very interesting implications given the increasing use of Salesforce in the nonprofit sector.

OpenSocial is a set of APIs that handle three different kinds of user data: profiles, social graph (who your friends are) and activities (the stuff of the Facebook news feeds.)  And the language of these APIs are standard HTML and Javascript. Any application written for OpenSocial will work on any partner social network – any OpenSocial “container”. That means developers need only write an app once, and it can get used on any of the networks involved, like Orkut and LinkedIn. Basically, if the more social network sites that adopt OpenSocial, the more open the whole thing gets.

Read more here:

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