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downloadsquad lists The 5 most annoying programs on your PC

Posted by wholeenchilada on January 11, 2008

Great list of “bloatware” and resource-hogging programs that most pc users probably have installed. The 5 most annoying programs on your PC also notes viable alternatives to the common problem programs discussed, and you’ll find more opinions in the comments following the post. Accoring to author Ian Smith the “worst of the worst” is:

Acrobat Reader
Adobe Acrobat Reader is like a stocky frat guy you never want to invite to your Halloween parties, because he’ll show up wearing a giant gift-wrapped box with a “To: Women, From: God” label on top. He thinks he is all that, but he really just wore a costume so big he can’t get through the front door and has to stay outside by the fire all night (true story!).

Back on topic though, Acrobat reader does one thing poorly — read PDFs. To do this it needs to download updates at least twice a month. Acrobat’s other big feature is the ability to bring your system to a roaring halt while it boots up its massive amount of plugins and libraries. All this to display (wait for it) — a page.

FoxIt Reader is a much better solution. Download it, and you’ll no longer cringe each time your accidentally click on a PDF link while browsing the internet.

Read more here:

The other apps detailed are:

  • iTunes
  • Real Player
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Outlook

Be sure to check out the comments as you’ll get additional perspective on each of the above apps and, as always, opinions vary wildly.


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